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Rolex Motley in White
Marlene "Sag mir wo...."
There is something about everything
Bronze Statuette of the Falcon-Headed God Horus
“Arcano XI, La Fuerza”, "Arcane XI, The Force"
Armin Strom Gravity Earth Limited Edition Number 13/100
Objetivos de valor unitario
Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
Lady D - Dinner for one, 2016
Rolex DiW Cosmograph NTPT Carbon Daytona “PAUL NEWMAN BLACK SC" (Retail:US$40,990)
Near the House
Ocean Drive - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Miami
Patek Philippe [2019 NEW] Celestial Rose Gold Mens Watch 6102R
Jacob & Co. Brilliant Full Baguette Arlequino Pastel BA534.30.HX.UB.A (Retail:HK$4,224,000)
“Solsticio de Verano”, " Summer Solstice "
Sunrise Sunset 4
“Arcano VIII, La Justicia”, "Arcane VIII, The Justice "
Limestone Figure of a Seated Man
Audemars Piguet [NEW] Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon 26580IO
“Código Flamenco, Zambra”, " Flamenco Code, Zambra "
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 11-03 FULL Rose Gold Automatic Flyback Chronograph
Audemars Piguet [NEW] 26585CE Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked
Jacob & Co. Caviar Tourbillon White Gold CV201.40.BD.BD.A (Retail:HK$8,590,500)
“Arcano XXlI, El mundo”, "Arcane XXlI, The world"
“Arcano XV, El Diablo”, "Arcane XV, the Devil "
The Starry Sky and the Ladder III
Big wheel, Collection Urban Wanderlust
Marilyn Monroe, Make Love Not War No.2
“Código Flamenco, Arrebato”, " Flamenco Code, Rapture "
Aston Martin V8 Vantage N420
Patek Philippe “Tiffany & Co.” [NEW] Nautilus Annual Calendar Moonphase White Dial 5726/1A
Lake Mungo, Red Top
Sunrise Sunset 3
Destiny - The Erynnen come (red)
Celebration Series A No. 1
Richard Mille [2020 NEW] RM 030 Automatic Titanium Watch
“Arcano X, Rueda de la fortuna”, "Arcane X, Wheel of Fortune "
Jacob & Co. [NEW] Brilliant Mystery Baguette 38mm Emerald BM526.30.BE.BE.A (Retail:HK$7,349,700)
Joël Equagoo - Die Begegnung - les rencontres
Bronze Statuette of a Kneeling Pharaoh
Caviar Schale
The 1st day of summer
Bronze Statuette of God Thoth in Form of an Ibis
Attic Bell Krater attributed to the Painter of the Würzburger Amymone
Palais Royal - Collection Urban Wanderlust/ Paris
Richard Mille [2017 USED][LIMITED 150 PIECE] RM 61-01 Yohan Blake Grey Edition
Porsche Turbo 3.0
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Go“
“Código Flamenco, Saetas”, " Flamenco Code, Arrows"
Armin Strom Manual Fire - Limited Edition 24/100
“Código Flamenco, Etéreo”, " Flamenco Code, Ethereal "
"Epigram" 41
Mussorgsky - image of an exhibition 2
Koenigsegg Jesko
I am not perfect but limited edition
The Carbon Rolex Hero
Richard Mille [LIMITED 50 PIECE] RM 035 Rose Gold Toro Watch
not yet titled (Jungermann mit Sägeblatt am Kopf)
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Hokkaido“, 3 x 120 cm x 100 cm, Ed. 01/06, 2009, Fine Art Print / Alu Dibond
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 67-01 Rose Gold Automatic Extra Flat Mens Watch
Koenigsegg Regera
The lightest Rolex in the world
Faience Cup with the Cartouche of Pharaoh Osorkon II.
Crac de Chevaliers Kreuzritterburg in Syrien
CHEVROLET Bel Air '55 (Coupé)
Altar der Freude - Teil 3
Hero Paradise
Tonteller - Relief - "Neuchatel ", Oskar Gladenbeck
Die grafische Einteilung einer Scheibe als Versuch einer Weltenteilung
Tourbillon V1875 GEORGES V - Manufacture CLARET
Ferrari 488 GTB
Heinrich Böll - Widerstand ist ein Freiheitsrecht
Altar der Freude, Teil 2
The 4th day of summer
Miami Beach, Collection Urban Wanderlust / Miami
Ferrari 488 GTB 70th anniversary Limited Edition
Espresso - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Luxembourg
Manhattan Bridge - Collection Urban Wanderlust / New York
Abstract, contemporary, natural stones art
The Starry Sky and the Ladder I
Lake Mungo, Walls of China
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Mikado“
Jacob & Co. 捷克豹 [NEW] Brilliant Flying Tourbillon White Diamonds BT543.30.BD.BD.B
Alfred Dumaine
In The Heat Of The Night No.1
10 Street - Collection Urban Wanderlust /Miami
Silence - Lost And Found No.1
Jacob & Co. 捷克豹 [COMING SOON] Astronomia Solar Planets Black Gold Tourbillon
Mussorgsky - image of an exhibition
The 3rd day of summer
Reflets, Collection Urban Wanderlust / Paris
Lake Mungo, Red Top 3
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „FunFair“
Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon Baguette Rose Gold (Retail:CHF 1’500’000)
„Joseph Beuys Oracle“,
Sunrise Sunset 2
Armin Strom Gravity Water - Limited Edition 16/100
Faience Shabti of Ipethemetes
Café Bar Au Vis-à-vis - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Luxembourg
Fragment of a Wood Furniture with a Winged Isis
Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 037 White Gold Med Set Diamonds Ladies Watch
Nowhere or 36 views of Fujiyama „Play“
Richard Mille [NEW] RM 037 Blue Ceramic Ladies Watch
Aegean Votive Bronze Carriage
Homage an heinrich Böll
Porsche 991 Speedster "Heritage Edition"
Old City, Collection Urban Wanderlust/Luxembourg
Richard Mille [NEW][LIMITED 140 PIECE] RM 33-02 Sporty Lifestyle Automatic Watch .
Palais Lumière, Collection Urban Wanderlust/Luxembourg
The morning light draws a shadow of the past
Ferrari 488 Pista
Aston Martin Valkyrie
Celebration Series B No. 1
Jazz! Collection Urban Wanderlust / New York
Armin Strom Manual Fire - Limited Edition 33/100